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Firewood – seasoned mixed hardwood

Wyee Landscape Supplies  has been selling the best burning firewood for over 20 years on the Central Coast NSW and Lake Macquarie and is  well known for its quality and value for money. The firewood is kept under tarps to keep it as dry as possible. We deliver 7 days a week.

Our firewood is A-Grade Seasoned mixed hardwood. Deliveries or pickup from our landscape yard. Servicing the Central Coast NSW, Lake Macquarie, Wyee and Morisset and surrounding areas.

Wyee Landscape Supplies Firewood

seasoned mixed hardwood is available by the bobcat scoop

Pick up or delivery available 7 days

Firelighters are also available.

Update on Firewood 2022

As you would know –  similar to conditions 10 years ago in 2012, this year in 2022 we have been receiving more rain than we have in many years. In these wet conditions it is hard to find a supplier that has rain dry firewood and it is common for existing wood piles and even new deliveries of firewood to become wet from rainwater. At Wyee Landscape Supplies we cover the wood on arrival if raining and then uncover when not raining.

Some helpful tips for storing firewood that has been exposed to rain

Wet wood will dry out quite quickly if protected from rain, provided it has enough ventilation.

If your firewood has been exposed to rain, the best thing to do is to store it in a well-ventilated shed, or stack it up off the ground on pallets, bearers or similar. Cover just the top of the stack to protect it from direct rain but still allow plenty of air to circulate around the wood.

It is a good idea to store enough wood to last a few days in a dry place, such as a verandah and regularly top this supply up as it is used.

Hope this explains and helps.

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