Garden Soil

At Wyee Landscape Supplies our garden soil products include Premium garden mix – which is great for native plants and also general use, Super vegie mix, Under turf soil, Organic top dress, and also bulk potting mix.

When looking to grow vegies the Wyee Landscape Supplies Super Vegie Mix garden soil is boosted with cow manure and chicken pellets. Just plant you vegies straight into our garden soil super vegie mix and watch your vegetable garden grow!

For the best lawn in the street, Wyee Landscape Supplies has a premium organic top dress for top dressing your lawn.

For the best quality and expert friendly advice on Premium Organic Top Dressing, Sand & Soil and Garden Supplies with same Day Delivery available 7 Days – Newcastle, Central Coast & Lake Macquarie Contact Wyee Landscape Supplies today.

Make sure you mulch your gardens to help conserve water. Mulch also helps your plants grow, as it breaks down it will provide nitrogen to the soil and your plants, keep the roots cool in summer and help prevent weeds from growing in your vegetable garden.

Mulches at Wyee Landscape Supplies

Garden Soils at Wyee Landscape Supplies

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